Wednesday, December 12, 2012


like many, every time the box of ornaments is opened and they are hung on the tree i experience a flood of memories.  if you knew me in the late 1970s and 1980s when i was a stay-at-home mom, you would have seen me do things like this.  the sequin ornaments were from kits--all those tiny pins!  the cross-stitch came from patterns in a magazine.  the bandanna ornaments came from a family circle magazine, i think--tons of tiny white buttons!  i love looking at them and always get misty-eyed every time they are brought out for the season (sniff, sniff).  *** cold morning here in coastal maine, meaning normal for december.  this morning after a few necessary tasks, will head for the old viking and sew up more flying geese for the scrappy indigo.  so many projects sometimes it's difficult to choose what to play with but one always speaks to it's the blues!
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  1. I made so many ornaments during that time period, too. Mine were mostly cross-stitch, felt, or painted ceramic. I never attempted those pretty, shiny sequin ones with the tiny pins. I bet they look pretty with the tree lights reflected from them.
    This is only the second year I haven't had any kids (grown though they were the last few times) help decorate the tree. That still gives me a lump in my throat. : )