Monday, August 6, 2012

when in rome...

and in the interest of fiscal management, we thought it prudent to pick up some of these, given the current glut on the market.  at $3.29 per pound, cheaper than ground chuck, it only makes sense.  i'd tell you where this place is, except then i'd have to kill you....LOL!  **** the muggies are still with us, so this morning i was sweatin' to the vacuuming, after which i sat down at the old viking and proceeded along with the ocean waves units.  yesterday did my own little "state of the stash" and refolded the elfa drawers, pleasantly surprised as a couple of them are not full.  the lights drawer, however, is packed to the brim. that was reinforcement to me that i AM using up the stash and not a moment too soon, either; the Lancaster trip is 2/2/3...two months, two weeks, 3 days. *** the lilac pinwheel runner is almost quilted and i pulled the binding fabric to prep for a soon finish.  looking good for maybe a couple more little finishes this month! 


  1. My sons returned from Maine at 1 a.m. today. They said the lobster was very reasonably priced and they had it on a couple of occasions, but oldest son says he got sick afterward each time. Too bad.

  2. We may be taking a visit to a friend that is in the lobster business and I am sure we will not be coming home empty handed! We haven't had any yet this year, just never think to get any, but you are correct the price is less then ground chuck!

    Are you going to a specific event in Lancaster? I may have missed the post where you discussed the topic. My parents go every fall and I keep telling them hubby and I should join them, not sure how many more years Dad will be able to go, and then I will be telling myself I should have gone!

    Enjoy the lovely weather that arrived today, I'm going OUTSIDE to work in the yard tommorrow!