Friday, August 10, 2012

a friday finish

this is the 2nd pinwheel puzzle runner i made and now it's done as well.  the pattern does call for that border but i much prefer the one made without.  the points of the neutral pinwheels get lost, but i think it's more pleasing to the eye that way.  i've already started quilting the next piece, the cheddar and blue bow ties. **** up and dressed already, progress from yesterday.  few errands for today and then back to sewing.  plus, the swaps must be readied for mailing.  still olympic that synchronized swimming!  **** a friend introduced me to a new quilty website and already this morning i've been drooling over yet more civil war fabrics but, more important, got some ideas to use up the stash i already have.  taking 3 machine projects to lancaster, a small project that is ready to go and my civil war diary papers are in a folder and ready too.  will also be taking a handwork project, probably the hawaiian or maybe a quilting project.  if i could stay a month, could probably get that dang hawaiian all done. 


  1. Pretty pinwheel runner, Grace. Purple and green get my vote anytime.
    I've enjoyed what little of the synchronized swimming I've been able to catch.

  2. The little pinwheels puzzle is so pretty, good job! That connecting threads has very inexpensive( $1.74 per each 1200 yard spool) spools of thread when it is on sale, so I'm trying it. I'll let you know if it is good or not.