Monday, August 20, 2012

the way to carnegie hall....

is the same road to take to get your applique technique perfect...practice, practice, practice.  you might remember these posted some time ago as pin basted only.  during the warmer weather, i've been working on smaller projects and this is one of them.  as you can see, i've gotten 2 finished and working on a 3rd.  wisely, i only made 9 blocks so it'll be a finish sooner rather than later.  no doubt working on the hawaiian and the great instruction video i got from pacific rim/nancy chong helped tremendously.  *** in addition to doing this applique, i'm working on another small UFO, a combo of applique and piecing, so hoping to get that finished some time before retreat.  inbetween applique, working on prepping my kits to take on retreat, a mere 2 months away.  when i think it was 8+ months when i started keeping track, i am astounded at how quickly the time has passed to now.  ****  the weather gods are gifting us with a proposed excellent week nights, warm days a great wind-down of summer. 

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  1. They sure look great from here. I'm so glad that you are doing the Hawaiian applique and not I! Enjoy, enjoy!
    I was fine this morning in the cooler air but by mid afternoon I felt like I'd been dipped in warm molasses. Winter can't get here soon enough for me. Make it snow! LOL!