Wednesday, August 22, 2012


doesn't look like much cutting but i can tell you, a whole lot of ironing is represented here, the reason being that i'm using scraps for the white units and they were smallish pieces i was trying to use up.  this quilt is another blue/white combo that is always popular; using up most of my indigo stash for this project.  some are not exactly true indigo, but most are.  once all these pieces are cut, i'll put it in a shoebox to pack for Lancaster, along with the civil war diary and the little batik project.  those should keep me busy for 6 days, don't you think?  ****  it's a spectacular end-of-summer week here in maine, couldn't have ordered better weather, good for doing just about, beaching, sleeping, sewing, nothing!   off to decide....


  1. You never let a moment go to waste. I am always struck by your organization and follow through. Looking forward to seeing this project come about.

  2. Exactly how many projects ARE you bringing to the retreat, LOL
    Curious minds need to know. And you do know it’s just five nights, right? ;^D

  3. Your stacks of whites and indigos are so inspiring, sitting there all ready to be sewed. Nice work!