Thursday, June 7, 2012

swap stars in progress

huge sigh of relief here; i signed up for this swap BEFORE i had tried making any of these little stars and thought, oh no, what did i do?  but after getting one done, i am really glad i did and am looking forward to sitting down with phoebe to make the rest.  i'm using jo morton fabrics.  what i'm really anticipating is the ones i'll receive in return...i know what my fabric looks like but the surprise of getting someone else's is exciting!  ***** busy days off this week but hoping to get more quilting done and also more machine time.  would also like to get the first section of "just takes 2" done.  i've some paper piecing squares and a few applique blocks to do yet. 


  1. Love the block....what a fun project, sharing blocks with others will make a great friendship quilt. Especially for a doll or small quilt.

    :) Carolyn

  2. So how many of these stars do you make/exchange?
    I have no doubt your time will be well spent. You never seem to waste a minute and always have so much progress to show!