Wednesday, June 6, 2012

inchies on hiatus

rather than start a new project, i pulled out this one...scrappy 9 patches.  swapped these for the inchie project as my leaders/enders to see if i can get enough put together to get this flimsy together, quilted (or tied) and done.  this will be a snowball/9patch quilt or maybe bonnie's rickrack pattern, not sure yet.  scrappy quilts are so fun; there are so many memories in these little pieces.  no, i didn't do all of these yesterday!  these are quick to piece as there is no matchy/matchy, just pulling squares from the stack and sewing 'em together.  true serendipity, and for sure i've got plenty of material to make this and probably 100 more just like it.  **** did see a glimpse of the sun earlier this AM but overcast again.  no matter; busy morning and then work, and for me it's friday, yay!


  1. Some oldies but goodies in those 9-patch fabrics, Grace. I recognize a few from my past as well. I admire your strength in turning to another UFO instead of starting something new. There are so many things I'd like to start. I need to show your kind of resolve!

  2. I'm working on Rick Rack Nines as my leader ender also, great project for using up pieces and no thinking required. Last time I counted I had 60 nine patches and 20 corner triangles.

  3. What fun to see the whole group of scrappiness all tumbled out just like something from The Little Golden Book, The Color Kittens!!! That was my childhood favorite.