Sunday, May 6, 2012

today so far

i'm certain this doesn't happen to you, but i had to clear the decks a bit before i could start any sewing today.  lo and behold!  i found the watermelon fabric project and decided today was the day to get this started.  i had to tweak the pattern a bit to get the most out of my small collection, but it's ready to start; mixture of applique and piecing.  also this morning prepped fabrics for the may little quilt from the online group headed by kathleen tracy.  i've cooked and eaten lunch and listening to "prairie home companion," after which i'll be ready for a nap.  was up late last night reading and then up early this AM so i'm in slow motion now.  after a brief snooze, i'll pick up "just takes 2" for most of the day's remainder.  now that my 3 days off are broken up, i tend to forego sleep to squeeze every minute out of the day.  **** temps are now hovering around 60 so it is really beach weather now, if there's no wind.  got my summer haircut yesterday and have to find a new beach chair...then i'll be good to go!

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  1. What is the watermelon project? Did I miss something--I don't recall a mention of it before.
    Oh, I stayed up way too late reading last night, too. I'm going to pay for it today.