Monday, May 7, 2012

for sale

normally i don't try and sell used magazines, preferring to pass them along.  this magazine retails for a bit more than most, $6.99 per issue, and i'm trying to recoup postage costs for swaps etc.  asking $3 per issue plus media mail shipping from maine.  pictured are dec 2011, feb & apr 2012 issues.  plenty of interesting articles about talented quilters, famous and not.  and the best thing is they are not chock full of fabric ads like many magazine nor will you find lots of repetitious patterns either.  but it's the many reading articles i really enjoy.  **** as usual, didn't get as much done as i'd planned over the weekend but still plenty of prep work for picking up to sew these next few days that i work.  i've also got half pieced one of the 3 complicated blocks of JT2 with the big applique and feathered star left.  this plus quilting on the feathered star kept me occupied.  nearly done with quilting the corner squares and setting triangles, meaning the border is next.   with almost the whole month to go, i should be able to finish this and perhaps a couple of small projects too. 

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