Saturday, November 18, 2023

all i can say is....

this is probably one of the worst tops i ever made in 40+ years....truly.  i cut each triangle individually on the straight of the grain, pressed not ironed, spray sizing on every piece, cut borders lengthwise and measured more than a few times....i like it color wise, but oh those borders!  i don't want to take them off or fudge anymore because it would probably end  up worse....i'll finish it of course....blasted bias edges!  will definitely keep me humble!  LOL!

it's a gorgeous late fall day...out doing a few errands and spied some bittersweet beside the road....i love the colors and it brings back memories of long ago....snapped off a few branches and here they sit.  the view is the back of my building where there are colorful trees but the sun is eclipsing them.  

while at mum's took a snap of this wall quilt--tropic pennants--as i don't have a copy among my completed photos....just love the colors and thinking i might make a companion piece and call it 'arctic pennants' in shades of blue/gray....

and flying back from maine got to ride in southwest's fancy plane....decorated with an indigenous hawaiian design to promote their hawaii flights i think....more inspiration!

quilting on the folk art nativity is coming along and should be a november finish....then it's on to another UFO, hoping for an even dozen finishes this year.  also roughing out what needs to get done first part of 2024....definitely wedding quilt top and baste.  i'm saving two small starts for 2024--buggy wheels and advent sky--as i'd like to finish a few of the bed size pieces that have been waiting long and can fit the smaller things inbetween.

picked up lots of autumnal produce today so it's been a whirlwind of cooking to have on hand--vegs, applesauce etc.  a squash pie is also on the list....recipe from the Daniel Webster Inn in Sandwich, MA....a definite keeper!  


  1. Ah yes, quilt it out! ;-) Love the plane. Haven't seen it out here in the West.

  2. I've always loved Bittersweet but I've only seen pictures of it, I've never seen it live. Does it only grow in the East where it's more moist?

  3. I hear you on the bias edges....

  4. You might try heavily spraying the borders with sizing/starch while it is lying flat and just let it dry. I do that on the longarm when I have happy borders - you know - the ones that wave at you. It helps take up the excess. If it were on the longarm I would give it the soup can treatment. Let a soup can lead the arm / needle and it quilts out the fullness. If you want to send it to me I would quilt it for you. I don't quilt for others for hire, just for fun. Let me know. A fellow stashbuster.

  5. Oh, dagnabbit re: the biases. So sorry! Hope you can tame them. But so glad you had a good trip to God's country.

  6. Oh, those bias edges. Since I've been following Bonnie Hunter's suggestion of only measuring the centers of the width and length for borders sizes, most of my issues with wavy borders has vanished and my tops are straighter.