Tuesday, September 20, 2022

back to business....

but before that, just one last beach photo...i promise!

pesky cold has finally subsided enough for normal duties that got accomplished with energy left to pull out churn dash blocks for some work....this is the first of what will be quite a few versions, i anticipate.

because i opted out of the last size of blocks, cannot follow the pattern, so it's "design" time, scary as i am no designer, no way no how.  next will try rows of same size blocks to avoid spacer strips between blocks with maybe strips between rows.  it'll be colorful for sure.  i've got 'til the end of the month to produce a flimsy, so brain food is definitely on the menu....i need all the help i can get...LOL!

and in the cute department, a quilty peep and her husband are traveling australia and they sent me this photo of an adult emu with chicks crossing the road....australia was never on my bucket list until i followed her blog along...it is an astounding place!

"dash"ing off to the design wall!


  1. Australia is amazing! Although I might be biased! The USA is on my bucket list for the future.

  2. Your blocks look great, have fun shuffling them around to make a flimsy. Yep, Aus is an amazing place, I'll be making my second visit next year.

  3. you can never have enough beach pictures ;-) LOVE that Churn Dash !!!

  4. bugger getting a cold........glad its gone.....the churns look good..goodluck putting them together.......what size blocks do you have there?
    Australia is a big country with so much to see........constantly changing.......

  5. I love your churn dashes - so colourful and fun. xx