Monday, August 15, 2022

midway monday

we're halfway thru august and there are fall harbingers everywhere.  a weather change has brought cooler temps and thoughts of overflowing farm stands, apple cider, pumpkins and turning leaves.  when my APQ magazine arrived there were some fall quilting ideas, one that immediately called to me.

a cute little ghost pattern by allison harris done as a wall quilt or runner.  decided to make just one and surprise!  a use for that pumpkin fabric!  decided to make two, which nearly finished the pumpkins.  once again referred back to "word play" book by tonya ricucci.  this one measures about 13x18 and just big enough for my mom's door.  the other goes to dear daughter.  ***  and while strolling thru the school supplies aisle, inhaled the heady aroma of new there anything better?  i have a box of 64 bought about 25 years ago, but since crayola has added/retired a few colors, caved for this...

specifically to get this color.....bluetiful....or should i say BOO-tiful?  **** late august is also blueberry time in downeast maine, land of my ancestors, with a delightful 3-day festival and week-long celebration.  the best blueberries in the store are Wyman's tiny frozen blues directly from the barrens in Maine.  very sweet and available all year long....try 'em!


  1. Speak for yourself! We're back into the 100s this week :-(

    Enjoy those cool breezes for me ;-)

  2. I agree with you re: the crayon scent (aroma?) and that heady back-to-school feeling from that those first cool breezes. I'm right there with you. I, too, bought that 64 box w/ original colors, which remains untouched! Why? I don't really know. Ha! I love your Boo quilt, the ghostie is as cute as can be!

  3. Even today I love a new box of Crayons!
    Oh, I recall the delicious fresh blueberries on our Maine trip last summer. YUM!