Wednesday, August 10, 2022


this block will be easily recognized by's 'beaded lanterns' by christaquilts...a freebie on the internet.  her block measures 6x12" but i've downsized it a bit and final finished size is 4.5x8.5"....i'm calling it 'blue lanterns'.   

i've about 1+ yards of the gray print so uncertain how many blocks i'll make...ming tsai, the boston chef, has 2 restaurants--blue ginger and blue bamboo--perhaps he will establish another and call it 'blue lanterns'?  i just made one block to get the measurements right....maybe before vacation i'll get all the pieces prepped....lots of different blues of course as the stash is overloaded with them!  the september mini is basted, too!

lots of people seem to be downsizing.  when i was forced out of my little house, i was fierce and now miss some of the things i jettisoned.  since then i've lived in far too many places, certainly not by choice, only feeling at home in a very few.  so it is with this senior complex, definitely NOT my idea of home at all.  perhaps the next place will be...or perhaps i'll never have home again.  i keep hoping as there is something to be said for the comfort of home, an oasis, a sanctuary, a place that fits, to claim and belong. 


  1. Oh I know just what you are saying--I am now in a Senior apt complex and this is my 3rd one--in the last 19 years--and it will probably always have to be one of these places--cause of income--I dearly miss apartment hunting or small house hunting--but it is what it is--I do my best to be happy and busy everyday--and quilting and stitching "save" me every day-- hugs, di

  2. While it's good to have a bit of a clean out some do to much I feel........I do hope you find a spot soon that you really feel at home.......

  3. Your blue lantern is lovely, I'll look forward to more blocks. I do hope you find somewhere to settle and feel at home soon.

  4. That is so pretty, Grace. Will each block be the same two fabrics or will the blues vary? Either way, it is going to be pretty!
    Oh, I hope you find "home" again soon!