Thursday, August 4, 2022

churn-ing along!

triple-H weather continues so lots of sewing is getting tackled, not the least of which are more churn dash blocks...13 of this size are done, 5 to go

getting anxious to put them all together once the last are done, probably some time in september.  then this got finished today...

and fabric karma was with me today when i went to look for a backing....

just big enough for this stocking so it's a win/win....this will get donated to earn some cash for my favorite charity.  *** also finished today is the august mini, well it's basted and ready to quilt....might even have time to do september's as well, at least get the top done.  *** puttered in the stash a while and pulled some that'll go to the same charity.  don't worry, there's still plenty for me!  ***  and just now thundering and lightning along with raindrops the size of golf balls....maybe this will send the muggies away?  we sure hope...


  1. You can hope for the humidity to go down but I think you're doomed to disappointment. The churn dashes are looking good.

  2. Above comment by Barbara Bennett. Unable to not be anonymous. I hate this change that was made. I'm using Chrome so already signed in to Google but it says unable to sign in to comment. I'm sure bloggers are getting fewer comments because of it.

    1. thanks barbara....i dared to!

  3. Your churndash blocks and the stocking are so pretty! stocking

  4. Your Churn Dash blocks are lovey and a cute stocking too.

  5. Cute stocking and churlish. Hmmm I don't think I ever made a churlish quilt. Gotta put it on t h e lisr

  6. the churn dash blocks are looking great and you are making great progress..........

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