Monday, September 16, 2019

before and after

you might remember that i made this cute little pumpkin for my friend vic in NH...her birthday is in october and i knew it was something she wouldn't make for herself...i found the pattern on the internet, designer sonja callaghan...

fast forward 2 years (or maybe 3) and look at jack now!

is this the way kaffe would decorate?  could just needs a bit of stabilizing quilting and it'll go to a fundraiser for thanksgiving food baskets...that's if it sells.....stay tuned!  and since i was playing in 'those fabrics' decided to try a couple of little blocks....

these are 4.5" and no, it's not really a new project, just a try and see....but they are cute, aren't they?  and a couple of UFOs got some attention this weekend....

more plaids, a plaid sofa size quilt that's moved closer to the top of the pile, and this project that gets worked on now and then, or at least not seriously until a few things get done and the new england sampler is a completed top...i think of it more as a take along....

last year i visited the baltimore applique society and a program of antique red/green, this won't be a quilt, just 4 blocks, but it's going to have some type of swag border....they are 18" blocks....sooo that was my weekend fun....did i tie that charity quilt?  no....did i vacuum and wash my 2 little floors?  no....did i do laundry?  no...there's always another day and with a bit of motivation, i could get all of them done today....or tuesday? 


  1. Looks like you had a very productive weekend and yes all those other chores can wait! Love both pumpkins by the way!

    1. thanks...polly was our speaker last week at guild...she is a hoot!!

  2. Your revised Jack looks spookier to me. :)
    So much good stuff here (much better than housework), but the plaids always call to me the most. Love the triangle log cabin quilt.

  3. I love log cabins of all types. Have to keep a copy of your picture as a reminder/reference.

  4. Like you Grace, I didn't get much housework done this week and probably won't next week either or than the necessities.

  5. I still have that original pumpkin smiling down at me on my office wall above my computer. Thank you again, Grace!

  6. I love red and green applique quilts. You have the start of a very pretty one.