Friday, July 20, 2018

turkey trottin'

yesterday was the monthly bee gathering....we take turns meeting at homes to chat, sew, snack etc... for a special treat, lunch was prepared and provided....sooo delish and the company at the table could not have been better...plenty of quilty talk and camaraderie was enjoyed.  my project for bee meetings is my wild turkeys wall quilt, hoping, of course, for a finish in time for november.   coming along quicker than anticipated with nearly 2 blocks done except for openings at bottom for the legs. 

here's the pattern photo in case you don't recall...

the half square triangles are DONE and waiting due to a past swap; squirreled them away for "someday" and the time is now!  so a november finish is possible....and since we were in the neighborhood yesterday, dropped by at capital quilts for some browsing and fondling...terrific stuff on sale...

the bats and stripes are for projects in the works; the brandon mably triangles "just because" and the chickadees were FREE with my Dulles show book coupon.   the chickadee is the maine state bird and it is so cute to see them out and about in the winter when all is drab and dreary.   all in all, the day was nothing short of uber-enjoyable.  local temps have finally inched below the mid-90s with low humidity so simply perfect.  even at this early hour, the day is overflowing with blessings....


  1. I made that turkey quilt at one time. I haven't seen it in my big pile of quilts for a while. Surely it is still here as I liked the turkeys very much. You have a good start on yours.

  2. Those are awfully cute turkeys. And it sounds like your bee is a fun gathering. Glad you have found a good group to meet with in your area.
    I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day--and that it included fabric therapy. :)

  3. The turkeys look great! Nice fabrics, too!