Wednesday, May 16, 2018


tuesday spent wiping out the to-do list that included some sewing, of course....put together cheddar/indigo blocks, so now going to audition a border....and got a couple more leader/ender blocks done.  sometimes i try color combos and they don't work out.  wasn't sure about these red windmills but liking them so far.  have to make a total of 30 for a wall rush on this.  then put up the star blocks made with kaffe fassetts and the pale pink solid.   i liked them as individual blocks but even more so seeing them together.  have downloaded the other patterns, just way behind is all.   this will give me the mojo to make more.

put together one more civil war diary block.  had hoped for 2 but this one took over an hour in the late afternoon and ran out of oomph. 

lastly, some friends were chatting and mentioned rhubarb cobbler.  my mother makes an awesome rhubarb pie but alas, i did not get the family pie crust gene, so before doing any sewing cobbler it was.  i was a bit shy of the rhubarb needed, so cut the sugar by 1/3 and it was plenty sweet for me.....and need i say delish?  the photo tells the tale!

next time i'll use more rhubarb and less off to get lunch....and dessert!


  1. Sounds like a productive day! Lovely projects to keep you busy.
    Those Kaffe blocks look really good together, Grace.
    That does look like a rather involved CW block.
    Oh, the rhubarb cobbler look good!

  2. yes the CW blocks are mostly all quite involved...but now that i have more time, it is an enjoyable process