Saturday, January 13, 2018

holy hiatus batman!

has it really been over a week since the last post?   indeed....well, all I can say is that tasks take longer than previous these days, and then some days nothing gets done except the essentials...but today was finally a sewing day!

scrap attack chore for january was to get this to the flimsy stage.  today cranked out nearly all the 6 blocks needed for another row, which will be #4 of 6, so it is a real possibility to meet the goal.  ran out of precut squares so that's next.   had hoped to get a quilt basted as well but once again, the  backing is a teensy bit lacking in width so had to order another piece--a larger one of course--to get that done.  the table is up to baste a few small things and possibly tie a donation quilt as well.  ***  it's been a challenging week on the recovery front and another delay for cardioversion.   then one day must have bumped into the rocking chair rocker as felt some ankle discomfort, took a look and saw this...

it's my ugly left foot with a huge black/blue bruise, quite tender and swollen.  thankfully it isn't my sewing pedal or driving foot.  just another wrinkle in this long and convoluted recovery road.  have to confess there are fleeting moments when I wonder if it has been worth it, stupid really, as it was very necessary and hopefully lengthened my life even with all the setbacks, dietary changes, medication side effects to name a few.  but the many positives outweigh the bad and it is wonderful to wake up in the morning, any morning, still vertical....a real and precious gift from God!


  1. Oh, that looks painful! Hope all of the delays for your cardioversion will soon be over and you can get that done and back into rhythm!
    I'm glad you finally got another sewing day.

  2. So sorry that you got such a bad bruising on your ankle! Hope it heals up soon. Your flimsy in the big orange checks is very bold and graphic!

    1. is coming along slowly; must have given it quite a whack...

  3. Ouch! But, as you said, in this case the left foot is the right foot (as in the correct foot). Hope you heal fast. The orange ripples are great.