Tuesday, June 6, 2017


a flimsy!  that would be this throw-size civil war commemorative project.  have to admit, would never have chosen this particular pattern but pretty satisfied with the result so far. 

once again, the pattern photo shows it made with much darker fabrics, but using more lights has made it less foreboding and more eye catching, i think.  the square sashing is this brown with a white pinstripe, which i never thought i'd use but it works well for this and even managed to use it all...good indeed!  all the pieces are cut for the remaining 12 blocks, then it's on to the next thing which is this...

this circus theme fabric was also gifted to me 2 years ago. i fussy cut a lot of the animals and some of the border sections and then found this popcorn fabric at marden's for background.   the fussy cut squares are all different sizes so first have to make them uniform size and then plan the top.  i love these colorful clowns but am wondering if they are too scary for children.  it'll be my homage to ringling bros when finished...who ever thought circus would fold?   not me certainly.....  appreciate your thoughts about the clowns....

summer isn't even here and making good progress on the oodles of planned projects.  the basting/quilting pile has grown but it was inevitable.  made a trip to the dollar store for paper stuff and found this...a pool noodle. way better than cardboard tubes for rolling applique projects and practically free at $1...if you applique, it's a very handy item...already hacked cut mine up for a couple of projects that'll be traveling this summer.

 the skies have cleared for the moment...things to do and places to go...have a terrific day!


  1. I love the needle idea! Maybe you should start selling them as a "Travel kit" for applique. Don't laugh, you could make a mint! It is no sillier than having a different ruler for every conceivable quilt block in the world!

  2. not my idea so i'm sure others know about it....try it you'll like it!