Sunday, July 16, 2017

weekend report

so far it's been a fun weekend....friday the senior center quilty gals had a picnic and taught me how to eat maryland crab....

and once i'd mastered the task of finding the yummy crabmeat, they pronounced me an expert and presented me with my very own

how great is that???   in maine, there is atlantic crabmeat, which is very sweet and briny, but i wasn't sure i'd like the old bay seasoning....but it's delish!  easy to see (and taste) why crabs are a big deal here in maryland....i sure do feel like a native now!

and saturday fired up the old viking for some sewing fun and made these darling baby bibs....aren't they cute?  all from stash--just happened to have a small piece of those baby footprints fabric left and they were perfect.

now i've sunday to get back to a UFO project....and don't forget the 12 days of christmas hop!  below you will find the upcoming days' blog posts with lots of christmasy ideas....and then visit sarah for giveaway details.....


  1. Hoping I'm commenting in the right place lol

    1. i think you want to be on the previous post to be eligible for the giveaway...

  2. Wow those Maryland crabs look big and delicious! Glad you like the Old Bay, we use it in our steamers, too.
    Pretty baby bibs!

  3. someone mentioned they put old bay on french fries...oh yes i gotta try that! and the crabs were very good!