Monday, July 24, 2017

sort of fix

well, after getting 2 of the new borders on this scrappy 9-patch, have realized that it is what it is and unsewing and resewing all those bias edge pieces a few times will never turn this into a silk purse.

it seems a bit better than with the 2 borders but didn't turn out as good as i'd hoped....even so, glad i made the effort and will finish the other 2 sides and then quilt (or tie) it and call it done....i've made pieced borders before and they come out fine, but somehow this one is confounding me and i will chalk it up to the fabric....and the repeated ripping out and resewing...never a good thing with bias edges.  ultimately it will be welcomed by somebody and used for its intent--warmth and comfort.   as i've said repeatedly, i am no blue ribbon quilter and so i am not disappointed or crestfallen over this....after all, imperfect can be beautiful in its own right with quilts or even with people....gotta keep the big picture in mind here.   have a wonderful imperfect day!

and lastly, don't forget about the 12 days of christmas!  with 2 more days there are some lovely things to see and more chances to win a stash of tula pink fabric!

Monday, July 24th

come back tomorrow for the last exciting day of this fun-filled blog hop!


  1. Your quilt will make someone happy. I think it is very nice as I love 9 patches. My quilts are never perfect!

  2. bias edges are not to great to undo and redo........I like the border............