Thursday, July 6, 2017

great minds....

sometimes think alike....bonnie hunter just revealed the new leaders/enders project for the upcoming year and it's rail fence! how did she know?  went to my pile stash elfa storage drawer and unearthed this....

one of those things just sewed up on a day with no size or destination in mind.  these were probably leftovers from this flimsy....

it's up next to be quilted once the QOV is done.....saw this quilt in an old issue of alex and ricky's defunct magazine "a quilt life" was an article on antique photos with quilts featured, many of them from the prairie in the late 1800s or early 1900s...a traveling photographer would pass thru town and quilts were often used as backdrops for photos taken in front of a soddy or barn....this pattern intrigued me and now it's a flimsy....see?  quilty inspiration is everywhere! 


  1. Just want to comment how pretty your new header is! I love daffodils and best of all the deer won't eat them.

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  2. thanks...had to delete as i had posted this was pemaquid, but not sure actually...

  3. I do love rail fence blocks.
    You have two good versions here. That is a stunning use of color in the second one.

  4. Great start on the Bonnie Hunter challenge!