Wednesday, July 12, 2017

fun evening!

tuesday night visited nearby Four County quilting guild where Pat Sloan was the guest speaker....

a great time was had by all...pat is entertaining, inspiring and enthralling, all in one!  she brought many of her quilts, large and small, and gave a brief history of her quilting life, which is jam-packed with all sorts of quilty events....podcasts, blog, books, fabric designing etc.   i thoroughly enjoyed myself....four county is a pretty large group of talented quilters, and if i didn't already belong to 2 guilds, would join in a nanosecond!   their show is coming up later this year in my backyard and planning on viewing all the lovely works that will be on display.  ***  while finishing up my sewing for tuesday, had an arrrrrgghh moment.  it appears while i was trying to watch netflix and sew on my orange mod from a teeny, tiny black and white diagram, completely missed places where the gray design should have been.   today's task is to rrrrrip out the wrong ones and re-sew the right ones!  not too many, which is good.  ***  hot days here but cloudy and off and on showers.  so thankful to have my own apartment, climate controlled, electronically connected, all to myself....i am truly blessed!


  1. What a fun night out for you!!
    Sorry you have a date with the seam ripper today. Those are never fun.
    Our AC went out last night and we are in a record setting heat wave for this time of year. Will be in the mid to high nineties (at least it isn't in the three-digit range) today. Hoping the AC repairman can fit me into his day!! Enjoy your climate control. *LOL*

    1. eewwww...hope he comes to fix it ASAP....

  2. I would love to see Pat Sloan. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Pat is so lively and energetic! Glad you got to see one of her presentations.