Friday, May 26, 2017

three cheers!

for the red, white and blue, of course....can't recall at all when this pattern was purchased, at least 5 or more years ago, and today was the day shopped the stash for some patriotic fabrics to finally sew some up.

thought these would look ideal in a basket.   mine aren't quite finished, but they should be by weekend's here they are so far

i think they'll add a real festive touch to the apartment.  *** and did you say rain?  we had a real gully washer yesterday and i happened to be on the highway....lots of heavy rain, the kind that nearly completely obliterates visibility, plus lots of lightning and thunder.  by the time i arrived home, it had stopped, of course, and today is a beautiful early summer day.  got to spend 2 full days with my amazing, beautiful and intelligent daughter....but i'm not bragging at!   no real plans for the weekend as usual...just relax and enjoy!


  1. These look excellent, Grace.
    Oh, I do not like driving in that kind of rain!! Glad you got home safely and had a nice time with your daughter. : )

  2. glad u like them were my inspiration to get these done...i drooled over all your RWB quilty things...

    1. I do tend to go overboard in that department. : )

  3. oh and i did have a guardian angel while traveling, which always helps!

  4. Great job--so many American holidays you can enjoy them--beginning with Memorial Day and quickly moving to Flag Day in June

  5. What fun "flags"! Lots of rain here, too -- but today is sunny. (So why am I at the computer and not outside?)