Friday, February 24, 2017

bit of playtime

with one day of antibiotics left, bronchitic haze is starting to lift so was able to spend a few minutes playing with the old viking and my scraps for the double wedding ring sew along.  this is my 3rd DWR project, the first done completely by hand and the second by machine (except hand quilted of course)...

this one has paper-pieced arcs, all scrappy, and you can see my little organizer chock full of scrappy squares, probably way more than needed but no surprise there.  i'll go on record and again say this is my ONE AND ONLY sew along this year as i focus on unfinished projects and sew up some "want to try patterns" while shopping the stash.  in just a year since moving, can definitely see a difference in the "shop inventory", although do plan on a bit of retail therapy this year, especially during my vacation.  ***  today's chores include a few "must do" household things, more sewing (i hope) and basking in 70+ degree weather for another day....unheard of i'm told for maryland in february.  looking more and more like a snowless winter! 


  1. I am glad you are getting back among the living!
    I am impressed with your DWR project. I have only ever made one--and that only partially. It is still all cut and only very partially sewn. It's hiding in one of my UFO tubs.
    You are wise to be shopping stash, but nice to know you have some retail therapy planned for the future.

    1. thanks! guess vic has given up blogging eh?

  2. Ahhh, curvy girl pieces! Hope you are feeling normal again. Everyone needs a little retail therapy to stimulate our creative juices.