Wednesday, July 6, 2016

bit o' playtime...

another UFO, and the one with the least amount done, is a bricks and steppingstones quilt done in plaids.  i have twin nephews and decided to make them each a quilt.  their older sister already has one.  had cut a bunch of strips and the center squares for this but until the other day, hadn't actually sewn anything.  hence, this first block. 

think it looks pretty manly made from cut up shirts and some plaids bought at marden's.  just the first block, but once the strips are cut, should work up pretty quickly i'd think.   might use a red for the centers on the 2nd quilt, but i do like the cheddar!   ***  with the 365 project and now this, the very lights stash is dwindling so will add that to my lancaster shopping list.  those plus a background solid for the farmer's wife, a bit of solid black and the new jo morton "gratitude" and maybe some of barbara brackman's new blues....oh and that adorable alpine christmas line by pink chandelier too....better stop there!  ***  it's guild week here, managed to join 2 guilds that meet a day apart once a month, so it's quilty feast week for sure.  ***  and our senior center group has decided to do a QOV and make a presentation on veteran's day, hoping not only to honor a local vet but perhaps generate some new quilters to our group.  ***  it's a hot week here in maryland with days over 90....ideal for cranking up the a/c and sewing!  


  1. I love your plaid block! It makes me think of the line in the nursery song that goes, "The cheese stands alone..." from The Farmer In The Dell. You have an enviable quilty life and I'm so glad to hear about it all!

  2. Love Vic's comment about the cheese. Never would have thought of that. It is a great block! : )
    Sounds like you are going to have fun shopping in Lancaster.

  3. I am mad about plaid; this is going to be AWESOME!!

  4. Now that is a fun and scrappy block! I love it!