Sunday, April 3, 2016

secret sewing

signed up for doll quilt swap and that is what is currently on board, that plus catching up on farmer's wife...yesterday made 4 blocks in 4 hours and have only 2 more to go.  as for 365, well that is another story.   about 10 days behind on that one, but it's a matter of spending a few hours to get for life in maryland, am loving it!  hoping this is the week of the van's still giddy as a school girl at having my own apartment.  at night just sit and look around, placing things and thinking about how it will look.  have connected with a church very close by as well.  mail is arriving in my mailbox, so guess that means i'm sorta settled.  the craft room is being well used by me, as i can sit and sew, spread my stuff out and watch TV as well...hoping to have photos tomorrow of my blocks.  maybe will get some 365 done today as is cooler and windy and wild.  had to actually wear my wool hat and jacket this morning.  am told this will change soon, tho.   now off to spend the day!


  1. Just warms my heart to read about you settling in and nesting, so to speak. : )
    I'm glad you are putting that craft room to good use!
    I look forward to pictures of your blocks.
    Have a good Sabbath.

  2. So happy for you Grace.........

  3. So pleased things sound good and settled for you......

  4. Good on you for applying yourself to the tasks involved in settling in. I hope that your presence in the craft room on a regular basis will attract like-minded souls and you'll have a great group of quilters alongside you soon.

    Sydney, Australia

    1. plenty of curious have stopped by so far

  5. Glad to hear you're loving your new place and finding your way around. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your blocks.

  6. The doll swap should be fun and like everybody else, I so glad that you're happy there.