Friday, January 15, 2016

365 update

due to time differences, lucky enough to get caught up with this sew along BEFORE the actual are the latest groupings...first is 6-10...

this group is 11-15..

and this is my storing method....3 plastic folders at the dollar store...i may have to get more for 365 blocks!

photos not the best as they were taken in a darkened room with camera flash but thinking you get the idea..but 15 little blocks bust hardly any stash but the top is 90 x 90 so overall will use some up.  oohh see daylight peeking over the horizon...isn't that terrific at 6:41 am? 


  1. Nice job. You are smart to stay organized as you go along.

  2. Such pretty blocks and what a good way to store them, too! I loved the post that showed what's in your hoop for quilting, too.

  3. Wow, what progress. I love these, but am not committing to one more project lest I be "committed" to the loony bin! And, yes I am happy to have a bit more daylight each day. Pretty soon the sun will already be up by the time I get to work. Although I like appliquing my little circles each morning before sunrise. Love your little blocks.

  4. I didn't realize the blocks were so small. Very cute. Great storage idea.