Wednesday, November 30, 2016

last minute finish

whew, just in time to say sayonara to november, got this throw finished.  this is a donation to a favorite charity as a fundraiser.   my limited budget prevents me from giving as much as i'd like, so a quilt to raise money has to substitute.  new hampshire pal vic gave me a jelly roll of these beautiful moda fabrics, and wanted to use them up quick, so found an easy internet pattern.  some strips did end up in the 2.5" shoebox but used a lot for this project.  she also gave me a layer cake of the same fabric line AND about 3 yards of one print suitable for backing.  a wallhanging is planned for more at some point.  oh, and the name of the line?   it's grace....

it's given with no stipulations other than to generate funds, and once it's given, have no say to its ultimate destination.  this is my philosophy for all quilts that are given, regardless of to whom.  cannot agonize after the fact about what happens to them--it's pointless and robs me of the enjoyment of the process.  cannot be the quilt police either during or after, only hope that someday and somewhere they are appreciated and used.  another quickly took its place in the's the milky way masquerade!   i love this vibrantly colorful quilt--no plans for its destination right now, but hopefully to a worthy recipient.   ***  so early in the day but blessings abound....especially warm temps and much needed rain!



  1. A really pretty finish, and you have a good philosophy in not worrying about what happens after you give the quilt.
    The star quilt is very eye-catching. I don't know how you get so much done!!
    If we are lucky we might get up to 33 degrees today, and our boiler went out overnight. : (

  2. oh noooooo....that happened to me the year my ex decided to run away....would send you our 66 degrees if i could....

  3. What a wonderful quilt you made from the Grace line! You have such a generous way of giving freely and I admire that quality even though I can't always match it. The stars are bright!

  4. Both quilts are wonderful! I remember you working on your Milky Way. Love the bright colors on it. Hope your quilt raises lots of money for your charity.