Saturday, October 29, 2016

God's saturday gift...

by sheer divine providence, was gifted this today.   while the futon chair is comfy, the arms are like side rails and changing position is a challenge.  so thankful it has been my comfy nighttime solace and for those occasional naps....but beyond grateful for this gift.

couldn't wait to see the hawaiian all spread out....and with my mom coming for thanksgiving, the timing is perfect as well.  this was a big ticket item way outside my budget, but now my prayer list has shortened by one needed thing.  feeling so very blessed today and always really, ever mindful of so many who have much greater needs.  may God send them a gift today as well.   ***  gorgeous autumn day spent so far on a hodge podge of things--cutting bindings, doing a frankenbatt and frankenback, cutting out another pair of flannel lounge pants and not a moment too soon either, predicted to be 81 degrees tomorow....LOL!


  1. What a beautiful bed. And your Hawaiian appliqué quilt is gorgeous.

  2. A tender mercy, for sure, Grace!
    Your quilt looks stunning on it.
    Oh, hurry and sew up those warm pj pants. Sounds like you will need them--eventually. : )

  3. That Hawaiian quilt is my all-time favourite of your quilts and it looks absolutely magnificent on the bed.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Beautiful Bed Grace..the Quilt makes it gorgeous... Did you say 81*?

  5. Oh the Hawaiian looks perfectly at home on the new bed, ready for the magazine photo shoot. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."