Saturday, June 4, 2016

saturday chore

got boxes unpacked....some magazines, precut scraps, a few UFOs, 2-3 books and (naturally) fabric.  my saturday task is to get all of this into the already-here stuff in some organized fashion.  looks like the bookcase will get a twin very soon....LOL!

somewhere in this pile is fabric for a pillowcase i want to make and border fabric for an already basted christmasy quilt.  came across some ideal pieces for the 365 blocks, which are also on the weekend list.  so glad i have been no-buy since january.  a lot of this stash was gifted to me last year, so thank you one and all enablers! my guild is doing lap quilts for elderly next month for which some of this will get used.....and i predict more UFOs in my future, which means Unlimited Fun Of course!  ***   can't believe i've only been in maryland a bit over 2 months and already my monthly calendar is filling up with guild meetings, other quilty events, church activities and other social gatherings with plenty of sewing time other words, sew blessed!

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  1. Wonderful to have you hooked up to the internet right there so you can write in your jammies if you feel so inclined to do so. Love to see the cascade of pretty fabrics being returned to the fold!