Sunday, May 1, 2016


for all the wonderfully kind comments about my Hawaiian quilt.  one thing I failed to mention is this:  I bought the video from Pacific Rim Quilts on Hawaiian quilting.  worth every single penny it cost as it gave me lots of info about the needleturn applique, the construction, type of batt, etc.  I already knew how to hand quilt ok but decent applique was daunting as it's a skill that had so far eluded me until this project.  Having the video on hand allowed me to return to it time and again to double check my technique.  Without the video, I am sure the result would be far less satisfactory.  The quilt has the right amount of "puff" between the quilting lines and the applique became very easy not too far into the project.  Again, the thanks should be shared with Nancy Chong and her excellent video! 


  1. Thanks, Grace. Needle-turn appliqué makes me cry. Adding this video to my need to buy list.

    1. you won't be disappointed....i could not get into her class at vermont quilts but turns out the video was far less expensive and available for refresher as well...