Saturday, April 16, 2016

making progress???

already feeling overwhelmed, quilt project wise....ok far left is a stack of yardage for backgrounds and some garments, clear bag is muslin/white scraps, green bag is batting scraps, middle pile is basted items, far right is flimsies, and lastly the print bag holds large muslin and white backings....tired yet?  I sure am!  and by special request, am showing again the milky masquerade flimsy aka sparkle pattern...

still putting things away and trying not to think about the UFOs calling my name...and yesterday took a break and watched "Brooklyn" while quilting on the Hawaiian, which is just about ready for its binding....april finish maybe?  I hope so.....


  1. But isn't it nice to be reunited with all of these old friends? : )
    Sparkle is a beauty!!

    1. indeed! my life is so much more colorful too!

  2. "Sparkle" really sparkles! Lovely quilt. Glad you and your stash are reunited.