Tuesday, April 26, 2016

doll quilt swap

from danice, this lovely little doll quilt that is just right to cover trudy and keep her dust free!  danice also included this personalized pinkeep and a handkerchief/church doll that she made....handmade gifts are so wonderful, don't you think? 

it's another gorgeous day here....breezy and warm and sunny oh my!   almost done with hawaiian binding, also working on a table runner pattern i recently found.  the only glitch in having my own apartment that i can see is now i have to do housework!!!  yes, laundry and dishes came first today....isn't that revolting?  fortunately free lunch today at senior center so no dishes there...sewed on another sleeve for a wallhanging that is going up over the treadle and got my flannel design wall also washed.  by next week should be ready for the big reveal.....the shelving unit is together but alas, does not hold ALL my fabric, about 2/3rds i would say....a few color families are left on the floor but now have handle on how much there is and what can be done to use it up.   what a lovely task!


  1. Sweet little quilt and gifts!
    Oh, those darned household chores--always interfering with fun. : )
    Can't wait for the reveal!

  2. Sweet doll quilt and nice handmade gifts, too! House work is no fun but you are keeping it manageable by staying at it. Free lunch? good deal!More than anyone that I know, you so deserve your very happy home there!

  3. Adorable. Glad the weather has been good for you. We just may have seen the last of our snow!

    1. my mom told me it snowed the other day....sheesh...not the first time but usually earlier in april...

  4. SO Cute, dolly and her quilt!

  5. a darling little scrappy quilt.. love it!!

  6. Adorable for sure - such pretty fabrics and simple, but interesting.