Friday, March 11, 2016

almost done...

turns out, one CAN quilt in a cough syrup/vaporub stupor!  must be the extra aspirin allowing better blood flow to the fingers...LOL!  only 3 more blocks to quilt, then it's the border and binding, wahooo!  this is for mom's place, will hang over her bed.  it'll get a good home and i don't have to store it in the car or wherever until whenever, a win/win indeed.  not quite back to baseline but slowly getting there.  this crazy on/off spring weather is sooo nice but is a wardrobe selection conundrum.  even so, yesterday morning at 4 am it was 55 degrees...imagine!  *** and would be remiss not to remember my dad especially today, the anniversary of his passing.  turns out, 14 years ago was home from school sick as well...when the call came to go to his hospital bedside, i knew then he had died.  i found this poem in the newspaper and saved it..."he walked on earth a little while, a promise to fulfill; but in our hearts, through peace and love, he walks among us still." 


  1. Beautiful quilt for your Mom.
    Lovely remembrance of your Dad!

  2. Your mom is going to love this quilt. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Love all the hand quilting that you've done on this piece and the poem to recall your Dad is so touching.
    Get well soon!

  4. Stunning colors; your Mom will treasure it