Tuesday, February 2, 2016

final for january

ended january with 1.25 yards busted but 1.5 yards added, net gain .25 of yard.  this was kona snow so it's a basic that will definitely get used.  i had used a scrap of white for my peacock garden wallhanging but it nowhere near matched the other blocks, so felt i had to remove and replace it with more kona snow.  *** quilting continues on the summer sampler and is shaping up to be a february finish...

this batting is a tad thicker than what i normally use for wallhangings but it will do.  and the blocks are free form quilted.  time to prep the binding....


  1. Love that quilt! Thanks for the inspiration to start stash busting. Not sure how I will do this month. Haven't been to Cyndi's yet in February!

    1. i went to get quiltmania but with blinders on...LOL

  2. How do blinders block out enough to keep you safe at Cyndi's?!? You are a strong woman, Grace. : )
    Your progress on the Summer Sampler is admirable.

  3. Such a pretty sampler, Grace.
    Rain here . . . a good evening to sew!

  4. Nice to have hand work nearby for stitching!

  5. So nice! It is simply lovely, Grace.