Monday, October 12, 2015

finally caved....

into the world of hexies...all it took was a project that wowed me and a way to conquer the short, chunky fingers handicap.  barbara brackman posted a photo of a beautiful antique quilt, the 1861 healy quilt, and right away went to inklingo, printed out hexie patterns, cut up a bunch of papers and pulled some fabrics.  my first attempt was hexies that were really too large for this small quilt project so back to the drawing board, tried smaller ones and they worked out perfect.  am only going to make it large enough to get the full pattern effect.  past hexie efforts were abandoned due to difficulties maneuvering the tiny pieces, but found that was probably cutting my fabric units too small, resulting in war with papers and enough fold over fabric.  now finding that fabric pieces cut a tad larger are working up easier and actually fun! ok, so now i get it!  sunday's project was to fill my busy box with papers and fabrics for the immediate future and maybe beyond.   here is my first "flower" if you will, and am pretty pleased with the process AND the outcome.

first of many that'll get done whenever.... so another UFO to add to the list for 2016, a list that is already groaning from sheer volume.  mega-fun ahead indeed!


  1. I love hexies ... and I give myself a generous seam allowance. Quiltmaking is supposed to be fun, and it's definitely not fun to wrestle with trying to wrap fabric around papers without an ample seam allowance. What size hexies are you using for this quilt? I went to take a look at the quilt that's inspired you ... and it's obvious why it inspired you! ;-) I love it and am inspired to add it to my To Make list. I can't wait to see yours grow.

  2. Ha! I never thought I'd make a hexie quilt, and now I am addicted to those little things!

  3. I started a hexie quilt once but used the same fabric and didn't like it. Some day I hope to start another one which will be a long term project.

  4. You're so good with handwork -- hexies will be great for you. I've never tried Inklingo, though.

  5. Good for you, Grace! Looks great!
    I started a hexie quilt back in the 90s (yup, 1990s), but I never became addicted to the process. However, I agree that having a generous "overage" makes the process easier.
    Now have two hexie UFOs and am determined to finish someday, because I want the quilts, even if I don't love the process like so many others do. : )