Sunday, August 30, 2015

even more stars

not sure if these are exactly "later turkey reds" but they were the first reds at hand, so this is what was used and will have to do.  once all are made and some quilt is assembled, they will work fine i am sure.  the old viking was quite happy to come out and play on this last sunday of august.  hard to believe most of another summer is behind me.  after a lobster lunch, finished the last row of the summer sampler--all in all, a restful day, as it should be.  also ready to mail are the civil war nickels for swapping....

i don't swap often due to postage costs, but civil war nickels are a big temptation, and it is always interesting to see what is received.  and now back to regularly unscheduled sewing fun!


  1. nice star the darker reds.........

  2. Oh, I especially like the firework--looking fabric with the plaid background.
    Some nice fabrics in your swap pile. : )

  3. The plaid background looks so authentic in your star! I like them all, too and the swaps are great!