Thursday, December 3, 2015

S-M-L and scrappy

first up, want to thank all who take time to peruse and comment on my blog.  although i don't reply to every comment, please do know i am thankful and appreciative of your comments and kind words. 

wednesday was serendipity sewing day, just sewed up a bunch of things.  right now my quilty/sewing space is minuscule and the stash is stored in bags, so it is a chore to sit down and sew or even find works in progress but where there's a will.....big is "ava" for the FWS, medium is a little churn dash block i wanted to try and little is another "12 days" block

and here are more scrappy 9-patch blocks from fabrics gifted to me this year....i need 70 of these in all, not sure exactly how many are done, but have the fabric for alternating squares and border.  once more horizontal room is available, should have it to the flimsy stage...this is a donation quilt to honor all of those who so kindly shared their stash with me....

that's all folks!


  1. The "12 days" will be a very festive little thing. Can't wait to see all of those blocks come together.
    How good of you to make a donation quilt with donated materials. Very appropriate. : )

  2. The same can be said regarding commenting, I enjoy reading your blog but don't always comment........Merry Christmas Grace!