Sunday, October 4, 2015

decorum prevails...

otherwise i could show you a photo of miss phoebe's mended bottom, rather her case with the mended bottom.  afraid the ravages of time had gotten the best of phoebe featherweight's original case, so an immediate fix was in order.  first thing today scooted off to joann's with my coupon for some black duct tape to insure miss phoebe doesn't fall flat on her little feet.  all is well now and miss phoebe is once again safe in her traveling abode.  ***  and sewing plans?  ready to put together the applique and patchwork blocks for midnight garden, which may rename to "peacock garden" as the colors and patterns evoke same.  also have to tweak my "bonnie" block for the sew along and expect by this evening, another block will be posted.  other than that, it's a finestkind fall sunday here in lobsterville.  off to spend this delicious day!


  1. Well, thanks for sparing both your readers and miss phoebe any embarrassment that a photo may have caused. : )

  2. So glad that Miss Phoebe is feeling more secure. Also I loved catching up reading your blog and seeing those gorgeous Jo Morton's and pretty stars blocks. I keep so little blue that it's hard for me to peg a Lancaster Blue, but I'll keep digging!

  3. be happy to share some vic....let me know