Friday, September 25, 2015

ready or not....

the 28th is coming soon and so yesterday pulled out the ENTIRE stash that is with me currently and chose some lovely fabrics for the farmer's wife sew-along starting sunday here in the heartfelt thanks to those who so generously shared with me in this interim period while mine is packed away and stored.  because of your kindness, and some i had chosen, i've got this gorgeous palette to work with for this year-long sew-along.  do i miss my kaffe fassetts, my minick & simpsons and my other jo mortons and scrappie stash?  absolutely, but these are so very fine and very ok for this project....hope you agree!

back to the temps that is, which is definitely fall feeling and even frost way up i've got some things on the list, first of which is the little heart project that is almost done.   found a spool of quilting thread and it's just about finished except for some embellishment.  next up are some star blocks for the brackman sew-along and then back to applique blocks for midnight garden.  also want to mark the mod spools with some varying size circles for quilting, hoping to get that done soon.  sounds like a full day....


  1. I think you have a great selection of fabrics there, Grace. If there is a color you need more of, I can raid my stash and see what I can find to send your way.

  2. I think those are fabulous fabrics! And if you discover that you need some more of a color, I may be able to help you out (my stash is pretty much stacked toward blues, reds and neutrals). I can't wait to see your progress on this SAL.

  3. Wow, I love this picture! Yummy Civil War stuff warms my heart every time.