Friday, July 10, 2015

yep it works...

now that i'm in a space of my own, no iron at hand so had to invest in this little travel iron and inadvertently placed it on my mat while it was turned ON and pleased to find it works....not too happy about the mat tho....good thing a joann's sale is coming up.  this one is about 5 years old, so it doesn't owe me anything at all.  *** delightful summer day here, mom and i took a drive to the coast and ran into a few row by row shops like mariner's compass in bath, alewives in damariscotta and on board fabrics in edgecomb....all very nice shops with loads of lovely fabric.  alewives is strictly mod and batiks pretty much; on board has some gorgeous decorator fabrics and quilting cottons and mariner's compass has some of everything....all 3 carry plenty of maine/ocean theme fabrics. ****  it has been a busy week of getting moved in to a temporary space and setting up phoebe, not to mention shelves for the fabric that is with me for easy selection.  hope your week has given you some joy and happy times.....


  1. Sounds as though you are feathering your nest very nicely!

  2. You burned your mat, I burned my arm.
    I have complained that my current iron doesn't get as hot as my old iron did, but when it fell over on my arm last week, it felt plenty hot. : )
    Sound like you had a grand day out with Mom.
    Glad you are getting comfortable.

    1. regular showers and bathroom at hand during the night is a real blessing...finding my clean underwear? priceless...LOL!

  3. Yippee on having your own place, even temporary. I'm even happier that you have hope on a permanent place. I, too, once used my cutting mat as an ironing board. That cutting mat used to be flat, but had a definite curve after the ironing...Janet, I'm sorry about the burned arm. Ouch!

  4. Haven't burnt my mat yet but melted the tablecloth design wall once when the iron was too close

  5. So good to "hear" the cheer in your post..........