Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ready to sew...

this tiny stack represents 6 of the "stars" blocks and a few pieces for the summer sampler.  also have some darker background chintzes to cut up for star blocks too.  better than the postal service, neither sun nor sleet, homelessness or storm can infringe on quilty time.  holidays are nonexistent for the homeless population, including me.  celebrations seem foreign at a time when there is no place to be home, to do what i want when i want, to sew, to sleep, to relax, to read or anything else.  last time i was homeless, it lasted a year but this time around, i know i won't be able to hang on that long.   in the meantime, will persevere and concentrate on gratitudes, which today are some time to sew, a place out of the rain (again!), a call from my precious daughter, relative health and another day closer to my own apartment....home


  1. Grace, you truly are a dedicated quilter, I am glad that you choose to focus on the positive even when it is not are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

    1. and i you too denise......hoping you find some serene moments in your days...