Sunday, November 23, 2014

let's see....

pheasant, venison, geese, ducks, rabbits....100 people, 3 days of feasting....i should be back in time....found this photo in amongst stuff taken by DD eons ago at a school field trip to plimoth plantation.  since i trekked to the grocery this morning for our feast fixins, thought it would be an interesting parallel...and to make this quilty related, here is another beauty from the gerald roy exhibit...
this little quilt is pretty simple but look, the birds are actually storks!  no doubt somebody's choice for a tiny baby quilt...i actually think this might be a doll quilt but either way, it has survived beautifully...perhaps it was made for a baby who didn't survive as those never got used for other children.  hop on over to victoria's blog to see lots more of these beautiful the meantime, gotta get ready for quilt cam today, wahoooo!


  1. You mean you hunted at the market and not in the field???? No problem! Thanks for sending folks over to me for a brief visit, too!

  2. Love the fussy cut storks in there! Victoria got LOTS of photos, didn't she?
    I didn't know that about the quilts for babies that died. Fascinating!

  3. i had forgotten to take my she took enough for both of us...LOL