Thursday, October 9, 2014

scrappy alphabet progress

while it is true that i cut up all my scraps, some were set aside to finish this little sew along project...the scrappy alphabet!  like the big scrappy currently in progress, this little one will use the yellow as the sashing to bring it all together.  there are also a few random patchwork blocks to even out the'll be a cute finish and a nice giveaway to the right person when done.  ***  already working at the machine this sunny autumn morning.  retreat is coming fast and still have a few things to finish before i can start packing.  even though i have time to sew when in maine, getting together with old and new friends for nonstop fun is sooo enjoyable...i can hardly wait!  but first, back to the old viking!


  1. Your alphabet is looking very cute.
    I'm getting excited for you to go to retreat. Since I am doubtful that I will ever get to Lancaster, I live it vicariously. : )

    1. i'll be sure to make you drool long sorry to hear about pam bono...wasn't it her workshop you took or pam buda?

  2. Janet is right, your alphabet is adorable! That idea of using yellow for a unifying background is really paying off.