Thursday, December 4, 2014

portable progress....

if you have followed my blog for a while, you might recall this project.  first seen at a NH gathering show, it was love at first sight.  the intense applique design was a bit intimidating but also exhilarating and determination took over.  now that the little trees are done, can focus on this for my portable project, at least for the rows.  the top row is done as are the patchwork leaves.  the house row is nearly done.  these little flower blocks had me nearly paralyzed, but decided if i took them slow and steady, could get them done.  and whaddya know....2 are actually done and the other 4 soon will be.  freezer paper and plenty of fortitude are doing the trick.  and confession time here...i broke one of my hard-and-fast rules and resorted to a teeny, tiny dab of fabric glue.  the pieces are so small and even small applique pins just didn't work.  these blocks were the biggest hurdle to this finish, and now that i've crashed through that barrier, am hoping this might be a finish for 2015.  it is one of my older UFOs and will be fantastic to finish.  ****  and speaking of black friday/small business saturday/cyber monday.....this was my only indiscretion.  it's called "wildwood" and had i not gone overboard in PA, would have bought the entire line.  it's just so pretty and fresh and colorful....
practiced restraint otherwise and deleted about 1000 emails from fabric sites.  *** as for other sewing progress, the alphabet piece is getting basted today.  picked up backings for 3 projects--the hawaiian, the shenandoah log cabin and another so a basting day is in my near future.  as for the shenandoah, 3 borders are done, only 1 to sew and it goes in the basting pile and then gets tied for a quick finish.  now with 2 days off, will see how much progress gets made and if i can squeak out another finish before january arrives!


  1. Wow, that is going to be a fabulous sampler quilt. Quite the perseverance on the applique.

  2. That is a great sampler. I'm not familiar with the method you are using on those blocks. Is that some kind of interfacing or wash away stuff you have on the blocks?
    Very pretty fabric line. I can see why it tempted you. : )
    You stay so focused, Grace. Always making steady progress. I admire that.

    1. it is just a stabilizer that i traced the pattern on for placement, then basted on to the square of fabric....some people use a plastic but i wanted a throwaway...

  3. So you are pretty in pink there! Nice choices. I was pretty good but bought a 9 yard roll of batting for $35 that I picked up at Walmart on their site-to-store program