Thursday, October 2, 2014

final tally....

so here is the newly cut stash.....2.5" strips, 5" squares, 3.5" squares, 2.5" squares, 2" squares, inchies and some 1.5" strips...found some white triangles in the bunch and kept them separate for whenever.  the bottom middle pile is from a wallhanging i made and then took some point will try and rework the units and put it back together...all in all a job that took nearly 2 full days.  *** took a break and got my first high octane flu shot today.  i always get the flu shot and usually always get a mild form of an upper respiratory illness at some point during the winter, but firmly believe the shot is beneficial from much serious illness.  ****  spent every minute of my day off today and plan to do so again tomorrow.  now that the scraps are done, can get some real sewing accomplished.  now off to finish a book and relax until sleep.....

1 comment:

  1. That was a lot of work! Must feel good to have that done!
    I get my flu shot tomorrow. I've never had flu the years I get one. Years ago I skipped it and I was down for a week solid in a dark room. Didn't even want to read or watch TV. Don't want to go there again!
    Hey, retreat is getting awfully close, isn't it? : )