Sunday, July 13, 2014

perfect storm sewing

when 3 elements collide, it's a perfect storm...we all saw that movie right?  sadly, george clooney wasn't one of those elements....but i digress.  there were those leftover daydreams scraps staring at me, then a dynamite project idea presented itself, and then there was time with phoebe and voila!  cabana chevrons!  aren't they cute?  yes, i think so too.  of course this is just the start; finish comes later...what else is new, but not too much later, i promise, and i'll show you all too.  **** meanwhile still basking in the glow of that big finish, thinking about summer being nearly at the halfway point, excited for plans for the remainder.  and lest you be worried, i have PLENTY more daydreams scraps to tantalize and tempt me for some other pretty little things to make.  those 2 layer cakes were a terrific investment, and anxious to see how many things i can make from them besides cabana daydreams.  ****  with these fabrics, my creative muse is veering off in a new direction of mod style quilting and fabrics.  i haven't abandoned my civil war fabric devotion, but i find myself drawn more and more to mod fabric designers and their wow colors.  it isn't the prints themselves but the glorious colors that make my muse's juices sizzle.  how about you?  has your quilty focus changed?  i'll be interested in your comments along that line.  ***** we did go to the beach today but it was quite windy and gray clouds were gathering, so instead headed for our favorite summer veggie stand and picked up our first fresh corn, cukes, peppers, summer squash, parsley and a fat tomato for the season.  the corn and cukes were delish and off to get out those summer veggie recipes!


  1. A fun excursion into your scraps!

  2. Grace, I tried to post this comment last week but it disappeared. Your thoughts on changing tastes struck a chord. I collected Civil War and Thirties fabrics for years with the hopes of using them when I had time to sew again. Now I have a little time (not much!) and I am drawn to modern fabrics. Mostly because they are so colorful and remind me of a younger me. Still holding on to some of the reproduction fabrics, but I plan to seriously cull and destash them early next year. Sometimes our tastes change faster than our stashes dwindle. A caveat I should keep in mind.
    I so enjoy your thoughtful posts. And I am so inspired by your tenacious pursuit of your quilting goals. Thank you for taking the time to share.