Wednesday, February 27, 2013

shopping the stash

nothing like browsing thru the stash and coming up with terrific bundles for future projects.  the 3 fabrics on the right were gifted to me (thank you vic!) and yesterday found the other 3 to go along with them.  not sure yet which pattern will be selected, but it'll be gorgeous.  i also have the stack of dargate indigos that need a project, and because of the variety i have, thinking of something with a lot of little HSTs like the tree of life block or similar.  **** hoping it's raindrops and not snowflakes we'll be dodging today and tomorrow.  gotta go....the old viking is getting restless


  1. With those fabrics it will be gorgeous--and I love your optimism. : )

  2. Love shopping the stash, just figured out a possible place where I can put some of it so it is visible and easier to see a large amount of it all at once! Hoping to get some of it moved to it's new place in the next day or two. Love the second from the top looks like a pretty pattern.

  3. Wow! How great to see my gifts getting put with totally gorgeous selections from the stash. You are so very clever with colors!