Friday, February 8, 2013

mod sewing

during quilt cam tonight, sewed up these little 3.5 inch kansas dugout blocks from the mod fabrics i picked up in lancaster last october.  i have a project in mind and will need a few more, like 40 or so.  but they sew up quick as you can see.  they are from a stack of 25 FQs i got at burkholder's and, after getting them home and washed, grouped the ones that had similar colors to think about what i might do with them.  i think they are kinda cute; there are a couple more fabrics i haven't used yet, one being a neutral geometric print, which i think should give the eye some rest from these.  the turquoise swirly print was from my stash though.   the project is a bag for my laptop.  **** and yes, we ARE in the midst of a HUGE blizzard here.  so far today it wasn't THAT bad, but supposedly the worst will be thru tonight and tomorrow morning.  i am pretty sure i have enough UFOs to keep me busy, providing the power stays on.  


  1. Just talked to DD#1 in New Hampshire and she said they got 2 feet over the past 24 hours. How about you?

  2. While my favorite fabrics are civil war repros, that fabric is "cool", I should take a momemnt to see if I have a random piece of something similar in my stash. If I do I would be happy to share as I probably don't have enough to make anything else with it.